How Much Do Smokers Spend in a Lifetime?

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Interesting story from the UK:

Smokers spend £92,000 on their deadly habit
Author: Nick Gibbens

10 Oct 2005

The average British smoker spends £92,000 on cigarettes in a lifetime, according to a survey by Clerical Medical. This figure equates to 373,302 cigarettes, or 18,665 packs for every smoker.

On a yearly basis that breaks down to £1500 spent on tobacco which works out to 6,060 individual fags (303 packets). In a day a smoker burns through 15.24 fags which in a week totals 106.68 - but with the normal smoker admitting to an increase in their usual daily quota when they go out that weekly figure tops 116.

And collectively UK smokers get through 72 billion fags a year (3.6 billion packs), costing a shocking £17 billion. Laid out in a line all those cigarettes would stretch over four million miles, and circumnavigate the earth 154 times.

"We all know about the health problems associated with smoking but we wanted to find about out the wealth implications associated with the habit," said John Hiew, managing director of Clerical Medical.

"It’s a staggering amount of money British smokers spend whichever way you look at it, and that’s a hell of a lot of disposable income just going up in smoke. If people were to consider putting the money they spend each month on cigarettes into a savings plan not only would they probably live longer, but they could have an extra income of thousands of pounds a year."

Even social smokers - who only light up when they go out to bars, clubs or restaurants - spend over £11,000 in a lifetime. Part-timers still manage to inhale 14.55 cigarettes a week, in a year that stacks up to 756 fags (37 packs), which equals £186 per year.

The research also revealed that 83 per cent of respondents have tried giving up smoking at least three times. A third admitted that they lasted only a couple of days, while the same amount crumbled after two months, while 15 per cent managed a year. Startlingly one in ten people said they sparked up again after more than twenty years of resisting the temptation to smoke.

Northern Ireland folk emerged as the biggest smokers, ahead of Londoners and those from the North West.

Smoking Regions:
Northern Ireland
North West
East Anglia
South West
South East

The on-line survey of 3,000 respondents was completed during the first two weeks of September.

8 October 2005
Smokers spend £91,832.43 on 373,302 cigs in their lifetime
By Richard Smith
The Mirror
SMOKERS spend an average £91,832.43 feeding their habit, a study said yesterday.

In their life they will puff through 373,302 cigs. That is 18,665 packs, or 15.24 coffin nails a day.

Action on Smoking and Health said: "This proves how wasteful and addictive smoking is. Not only can it kill you, it also costs enormous amounts of money."

UK smokers buy a breathtaking 72 billion fags a year at a cost of £17billion. Laid end to end, they would stretch for more than four million miles.

The average smoker will spend £1,493.22 on 6,060 cigs each year, according to a survey of 3,000 people by insurers Clerical Medical.

They would have to stick at it for 61 years to spend the £91,800 total. Even part-time puffers smoke 14.55 cigarettes a week. That is £11,000 in a lifetime.

Eighty three per cent of smokers have tried to give up at least three times. A third were fag free for only two days. The same number gave up for two months, while 15 per cent managed a year. Ten per cent lit up again after more than 20 years.

Those living in Northern Ireland smoked the most, followed by Londoners and people in the North West and East Anglia.

Clerical Medical boss John Hiew said: "There's a hell of a lot of disposable income going up in smoke. If smokers put their money in a savings plan they'd probably live longer and have thousands of pounds extra a year."

FIVE things you could buy for £90,000: Three new Porsche Boxsters; more than 100 return trips to Australia; a villa on the Costa Blanca; 1,875 tickets to watch Chelsea; three-bed house in the North-East of England.
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  • Here in America Cigarettes are Outragiously EXPENSIVE!
    BUT..we all enjoy our smokes right? I was just lucky enough to NOT get "Hooked" on Cigarettes but instead chose Briar Pipe's as My smoke of choice. From what I understand from my Ciggy smoking Buds is that "Cheap Cigarettes" taste awful,but Brand name Cigarettes are too expensive,mostly because they are taxed to death. Pipe Blend is markedly less expensive,I order online from a Pacific Northwest Tribal-owned supplier, a popular whiskey cavendish Blend,Tribal Tobbacco shops are TAX EXEMPT,so this blend costs HALF of what it would in a smoke shop in Seattle. I am a very heavy Pipe Smoker
    So the bottom line is: my total monthly cost for my "smokes" is about 24:00 for nearly two POUNDS of blend,or about the cost of two cartons of brand-name cigarettes(20 Packs).
  • I dont know how much I have spent on smoking. I have spent from $4.00 a pack to $8.50 a pack..CDN$

    Neither do I know how much I have spent on insurance which is really just a form of gambling or how much I spent on taxes--which is extortion.

    The cigarettes I enjoy--the insurance and taxes I dont.

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